F 1 2   J U N E

V E G E T A R I A N   T A S T I N G   M E N U

- On Saturday June 14th we will host the final dinner guests and serve the last dishes. Then we will close Fredsgatan 12, at least in the format that we have known for 20 years!

 Many people ask me how it feels. It feels good, sad, exciting… But of course, it is with some sadness I have come to this decision, and the closer to June 14 we get, the more feelings arise. Both excitement and anticipation for what we are about to create, both here at Fredsgatan 12 and for the new upcoming project for which we are searching for a new venue – but I also feel a certain sadness or perhaps even a sense of loss. 20 years has passed and with them many changes both in my private and working life. Steady amongst the years, F12 has since we opened been a focal point and an acclaimed restaurant in Stockholm.

 See you again soon, at the new address!

//Danyel Couet

avocado – cress – pickled onion
Swedish asparagus – salt toasted müsli – ramson
white peaches – silken tofu – almond

salt baked celeriac – smoked egg yolk – roasted coffee – parsley
spring beans – luc olives – tomatoes

wrångebäcks cheese 18 months – fennel – honey
strawberries – sorrel – beetroot

menu 1050, beverages 1050